What Are The Chances?

Imagine my surprise when I picked up my race number for today’s Adam’s Heart Run and saw that it was the same number I had last weekend for the Marathon Bahamas Half Marathon. What are the chances of that? And surprise might not even be the right word considering how I am about numbers. I … More What Are The Chances?

Vulcanized Runner

If you grew up in New York when I did, as a kid you no doubt played stoop ball or stickball or other street games using a Pensie Pinkie or a Spaldeen – pink rubber balls with a strong capacity to bounce back. I think it was the Pensie Pinkie that was stamped with the … More Vulcanized Runner

Mt. Rushmore or less

I ran the slowest half marathon of my life yesterday, and I’m fairly pleased with the result. Here’s why.  The race was part of the Vacation Race National Park Series – the inaugural Mt. Rushmore Half Marathon, so even if I ran slow I was still able to spend a few days touring a part … More Mt. Rushmore or less

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

When folks of a certain age hear “yeah, yeah, yeah” they immediately think of the rock n roll band that is arguably the greatest of them all. Of course I’m talking about, ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles! “Yeah, yeah, yeah” is also a phrase in wide use by people offering unconvincing reassurance that they are … More Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Single Track Mind?

I don’t know what it is, but I always feel compelled to run a race on the 4th of July. In fact with the exception of 2016 I’ve run a race on Independence Day every year since I began running. There was the Pound Ridge NY 5k which was only my second race, my first … More Single Track Mind?