45th Vulcan Run

So last weekend I ran my third Vulcan Run 10k here in Birmingham. I believe this was the first race I ran here, and this would have been my 5th time had I not taken 2 years off to run a somewhat longer and larger race called the TCS NYC Marathon. If you’ve read my … More 45th Vulcan Run


Ok 24 hours till the starting gun. I’m sitting around drinking Gatorade and water, figured I’d post an entry and a solicitation of advice. The forecast is a little warmer and a little wetter than I was hoping for, but I reckon you gotta play the cards you’re dealt. It’s not like I haven’t run … More TCS NYC MARATHON

Everybody Hurts

“If you feel like letting go, when you think you’ve had too much of this life, well hang on.” As I made the turn from 5th avenue into the park, even with REM exhorting me over the headphones to continue, I knew I was in trouble. I had already taken a walk break of 50 … More Everybody Hurts


A while back I worked with a person at one of my clients who loved the word penultimate. Being in marketing we are all prone to hyperbole, and this fellow used to regularly describe the products or brands or events he was working on as the “penultimate” example of whatever that thing was. In meeting after … More Penultimate

New York Minute

For my long run this week the NYRR Virtual Trainer recommended finding a race. “Go out and race a half — not only will it be fun, but you’ll get a good idea of what time you can run in the TCS NYC Marathon!” Well I haven’t raced in a little while – and who … More New York Minute


Almost a year ago I got a Christmas gift of the Night Runner 270 shoe lights. Usually I run waaaay before the sun comes up and I’d had some scary encounters with drowsy/crappy/inattentive drivers who apparently missed all my reflective gear. Not to mention the occasional alligator, deer, fox, or coyote. One morning the guy … More #Imanightrunner

Flat earth debate

Long run on Saturday went ok – nice slow 12 miles; 1:49. Bright and early, no fueling issues – just half a gatorade and get out and run. A few Gu. So I’m back to thinking maybe I can do this. This week has gone really well; lots of 7+ and 8+ miles.But I feel … More Flat earth debate