BHM26.2 Half Marathon – No Defense

The rare fan of this boring blog may recall my adventure last year with the inaugural running of the BHM26.2 Half Marathon, perhaps the worst race I’ve run. After beaucoup yard work the day before, I trudged through the streets of Birmingham in the rain and even walked a spell before I was truly finished. We high-tailed it out of there and had a laugh over breakfast when we discovered I had won my age group.
I was disappointed this year when the BHM26.2 was scheduled for the weekend we were committed to a bike trip in Savannah and the Georgia coast. Even though I had a terrible race last year I kind of liked the idea of defending my age group title. More so I had imagined this could be a race that 20 years from now I could be one of those human interest stories – the octogenarian who has run every one of these races since its inception. Now here I was breaking the streak after just one race. Not much of a story there. Then the race was postponed due to tornado warnings – yay – but it was rescheduled for a weekend we were travelling to New York for my mother in laws birthday – boo. Then as “luck” would have it my wife had a little bike accident in Georgia. Thankfully she was not badly hurt but the doctor advised her not to fly, so yay – the streak was alive
I didn’t do any heavy lifting the day before this year hoping that I would run a more comfortable race. It seemed to me that if I could just post the same time I stood a decent chance of repeating as old man group champion. I tried to pace myself with that goal in mind and I ran 3 seconds faster this year. That was almost enough to defend my title but I actually needed to run about 12 seconds faster than last year because the winner was about 8 seconds ahead of me.
So my title was not defended successfully, but I was lucky enough to continue my streak of running the race every year since its inception. And I ran it in the same time every year. If I can continue that into my 80’s, now that would be a good human interest story – maybe even punch up my boring blog a bit!