Not So Fast

“Not so fast” is one of those old expressions that I love – ones that used to be in pretty wide circulation but seem to have fallen out of favor. According to Merriam Webster, this idiom is in the bottom 10% of words and is used in speech to say that one disagrees with what someone has said or to tell someone to stop or slow down. “This proves they’re wrong.” “Not so fast. There’s other evidence to consider.””The discussion is closed.” “Not so fast. I have a few more things to say.” Of course “not so fast” can literally mean not so fast – and this post is about both uses

Back in December I was excited to be graduating to the next racing age group, anticipating the move up would mean that a lot of my 3rd place finishes in my former  group would be winners in my new age group. Coming off the TCSNYS Marathon and all those training miles I figured that my conditioning was at a peak and I was ready to go back and rock a few of the races I ran last year. But I also have about 1000 more miles on the old chassis, and I can’t ignore that pain in my hamstring forever. Since the marathon I’ve been unable to get below 8:00 even in short runs of 3 – 4 miles, and a year ago I was getting there most of the time. So all those races I said I was going to win this season – not so fast.

2 weeks ago I ran in the Mercedes Benz Half Marathon for the second year in a row. Last year I ran it 1:48:10 which placed me 7th in my old age group but would have qualified for 3rd in the new one. This year I added almost 5 and half minutes to my time – not good enough to even come in third. I finished fifth in my new group but ironically I was only 35 seconds away from third despite running not so fast.

Afterwards I realized that I can’t keep up 200 mile months when I’m not training for a marathon and my hamstrings really need some rest. So I’m going back to the 100 mile months I ran before training started and I’m taking 2 days off per week. Hopefully that will help me regain some speed. Not so fast? Not so fast.