Ok 24 hours till the starting gun. I’m sitting around drinking Gatorade and water, figured I’d post an entry and a solicitation of advice.
The forecast is a little warmer and a little wetter than I was hoping for, but I reckon you gotta play the cards you’re dealt. It’s not like I haven’t run in the rain or the heat before, just not for 26.2 miles, and you know they say nothing new on race day. Of course I am contemplating a few other “newish” things on race day anyway and I’m looking for help deciding.
First off; headphones. Last year I wore headphones that plugged into my iPhone. About mile 16 a speedy young woman had to squeeze between me and another runner and yanked the cord out, effectively ending reports on my pace for the rest of the race. I had decided to use the headphones despite all the recommendations from runners to leave them home so you could hear the crowds. I was going to do that this year and bought a Garmin Forerunner to watch my pace. But I only ran without headphones once during training and I didn’t like it. So I have also bought 2 pair of wireless headphones, one that fits in my ears that I have raced in and more recently Aftershokz that conduct the sound through my cheekbones so I can also hear the crowds while listening to music and updates on my pace. I have only run short distances in the Aftershokz headphones and I do love hearing ambient sounds, but they irritate behind my ears a little at short distances, so I’m worried they will saw my ears off during the course of a full marathon. What do you think? No headphones? Crowd deaf headphones? Ear sawing headphones?
Last year my armband really chafed my arm and side and by mile 22 I had to take it off and hold it in my hand the rest of the way. I bought a Sprigs Banjee armband at the expo yesterday that is the most comfortable around, or so said the salesman. It felt good for the few minutes I wore it, however, it has no protection against the rain and it seems likely some rain will fall. I could buy a plastic bag to put it in, but that will require some horsing around with taking it in and out at the start and anytime I need to change anything. Probably not a big deal, but still it’s something new on race day. So what do we think? Armband that will need to be removed at some point, or one I’ve never used plus plastic bag shenanigans?
I hear that body glide might help with the sawed off ears concern and maybe with the arm band, but I have never used it before and except for the armband issue in last year’s marathon never felt I needed it. I think it might work well on my toes too, which usually feel a bit raw after a long run. I bought some body glide at the expo and am deciding if and where to use it. Any drawbacks to body glide that I might not be considering?
I’m going back and forth between wearing sunglasses with built in readers or do what I have done in a few half marathons – tuck a pair of reading glasses in my waistband. The issues with the sunglasses are that they tend to get full of sweat and salt and by mile 10 it becomes a struggle to see through them. I think they are also a bit irritating behind my ears, maybe more so in conjunction with the conduction headphones that also fit over the ears. The reading glasses are a pain to take on and off while running because I carry a water bottle and only have unfettered use of one hand. But I can’t read the Garmin or the I-phone without reading glasses.
Except for these outstanding issues I am as ready to go as I can be. I ran 44% more mileage in training this year (46 miles per week), I have a better idea of what to expect, and I plan to get to bed earlier. I think I have reasonable goals –#1 finish in 4:15; #2 just finish; # 3 don’t pull a Pheidippides! I’ll be happy with any of those.

Any feedback would be appreciated. In the meantime if you’re running tomorrow, have a great race, and I’ll see you out there! Blue, Wave 2, D

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