Wave 2, Blue, D

That’s where I’ll be – 2 weeks from tomorrow. 10:15 AM. Or at least that’s the plan. Unfortunately my enthusiasm has plummeted following my long run today. I ran 15 miles pretty slow – about 18 seconds per mile behind my marathon goal pace – and I will tell you that I could not have run 11 more miles.
It was supposed to be another dress rehearsal, maybe a little confidence booster. I woke up early, ate breakfast, and waited till 10:15 to run. It was on the warm side, low 70’s, and my neighborhood is a lot hillier than NYC. Still I was able to keep my goal pace through 10 miles. But by mile 12 I was over 10:00 for good, finishing with a labored 10:43 for mile 15.
So that’s where we are. Last week I struggled to run my marathon pace for 20 miles. This week I ran fewer miles but had an even harder time getting to 15 despite running slower than last week. Not an encouraging trend. So much for all the extra training. I mean, does it even make any sense for me to do this?
Wave 2, Blue, D. That’s where I’ll be, unless I am at home watching NFL pregame shows and plotting my next HALF marathon. I know I can do those.

5 thoughts on “Wave 2, Blue, D

  1. i haven’t followed you whole training – but from the sounds of this post it sounds like you has training. with that said, you didn’t do all of the training to give up. Runners by nature do not give up. Watching football in 2 weeks is not an option. you touching each borough is though! Even if it’s slower than you want – go thru with it and crush the marathon. This finish line and an amazing feat accomplished awaits you!!


    1. That did occur to me. My mood was great until this run and my sleep is status quo. I assume my heart rate is my normal 40-45 but I will start checking again. Assume the cure is cutting back?


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