Thanks For The Memory

Thanks For The Memory is a song sung by Bob Hope and Shirley Ross in the film The Big Broadcast of 1938. The song won an Oscar for Best Original Music, but that’s not why I’m writing about it or why it is in my I Tunes library. The song is a wistful recollection of good times gone by and it quite appropriately came up in rotation on my run Monday. I was back in the old neighborhood preparing my house for probable sale and I was taking one of my likely last runs through the neighborhoods where it all started, running wise. Not to mention where my sons grew up
I cruised the 5 mile circle that I had originally mapped out as my “long run” way back in the day when I figured that was about my limit. Our neighborhood surrounds a golf course and as I passed I remembered all the people I played with and the rare good shots I made. I noted the hole where my older son would typically quit our round when he was young, and then remembered how well he played when he was older. I passed the clubhouse where we had fun family meals (brunch was great but too much) attended charity events and had my wife’s 50th birthday party. I ran by the spot where I had passed a sleeping alligator in the dark right off the sidewalk one early morning– I ran pretty fast that day. Saw friends’ houses, the place where I fell down running for the first time (fortunately only got a few scrapes), and the spot where a guy flipped his car over in a 30MPH zone. I warily crossed each corner like I used to since that type of driving was not unusual in our development. I looked up at the tags of every black car that passed expecting to see my son coming to drop his dog off at our place on his way to work once he had graduated college. It was a nostalgic run for sure.
Now I’m sure lots of you who bother to read this have no idea who Bob Hope was even though he made over 70 films, hosted numerous variety shows on NBC, served our country admirably by entertaining troops overseas for like 50 years and was quite a golfer himself. The Big Broadcast of 1938 incidentally co-starred W.C. Fields who was also a major comedic actor of early film and a big golfer who to my chagrin many people also barely remember if at all.

My last 2 runs on Tuesday and Wednesday were also part of my ongoing training for the TCSNYC Marathon, and on Wednesday I was running a grueling set of intervals in the Florida heat so there was not a lot of time or inclination for reminiscing. On my cool down mile Don’t Look Back by Boston was one of the last songs. Amen to that.


Super attractive photo behind the house after my first ever 10 mile run, featuring my tongue barometer. When it’s hanging out like that my effort level is too high.

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