Get The Lead Out

Went down to Montgomery this weekend to run in the 2017 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Half Marathon & 5K presented by Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama and Baptist Health: it almost takes more time to say it than to run it!

The race begins and ends in the revitalized Riverwalk area of the city which I had the opportunity to explore a bit the day before. Of particular interest to me was Riverwalk Stadium, home of the Montgomery Biscuits, the most delicious sounding team in professional baseball. The race expo was held in the stadium and the finish line was on the field itself (I’m a sucker for races that end up on the playing fields of stadiums!)  Built around the remains of an old train shed, Riverwalk Stadium seems like a cool place to take in a Biscuits game. I may have to return this summer to do that and explore more of the Riverwalk, which is loaded with various historical markers.

I had to alter my pre-race routine a bit due to the Lenten season so instead of eating a plate of pasta and meatballs the night before I ate a dozen oysters (don’t judge me -happy hour made a dozen cheaper than the half dozen) and a pile of fried shrimp and french fries at Wintzell’s Oyster House, a Gulf Coast institution that has spread across the state. My wife questioned the wisdom of this drastic departure from my training regimen, especially after I ordered the blackberry cobbler. She reminded me of my 2016 disaster at the Publix A1A Half Marathon when I ate a large 3 way and a cheese coney at Skyline Chili the night before, followed by a bag of cookies from Fresh Market. Let’s just say that the effects on my GI tract were dramatic.

Despite consuming a Costanza sized portion of shrimp plus all the rest I woke up feeling light and ready to go. I have shed most of the extra pounds that I felt were slowing me down towards the end of last year and my daily times have gotten back to my pre-marathon range of 7:50 – 8:10 per mile. Of course “get the lead out” is a popular idiom for “get moving”, and I was able to do just that in the 2017 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Half Marathon & 5K presented by Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama and Baptist Health. I finished in 1:45:46, nabbed 3rd place in my old man division, and scored my second consecutive half marathon Personal Best, or as we say, PB. Pb is also the chemical symbol for lead, so maybe when it comes to racing the expression should be “bring the lead out”.

United Airlines Half Marathon next weekend: let’s see if I can bring the lead out again! Anyone know a good place to get a pile of fried seafood in the Big Apple?17265011_10212171820396826_3832529429415825791_n





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  1. Nice job! Shrimp sounds delicious. I get super nervous about what I eat the night before. Pizza surprisingly works well for me. Lol Also, I had never heard of that lead idiom before. Thanks for teaching me something new. 🙂


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