New York, New York!!!

So nice they named it twice. So nice I have to ignore my imagined NDE and run it twice!! Just got word this week that I’ve been selected to run the TCS NYC Marathon again in 2017!

I know that I said I was done with marathons after last years NYC (see my Everybody Hurts post), but I was too dissatisfied with the way it turned out for that to be my sole stab at it. I entered the lottery again this year thinking I would be happy with either outcome. On Thursday I saw some posts from folks saying that their CCs had been charged and that they were in for 2017. I went to my account to see if I had a charge from NYRR but I did not. I must admit I was a little disappointed. Later that afternoon I got an alert that my card had been charged – I was going back!!! My whole world got a bit brighter.

This time will be the true test: can I change my approach and get better results than last year when I finished in a dismal 4:51, complete with several walk breaks at the end? Or will I learn that I just can’t run marathons, even though I run a half marathon virtually every weekend? I should be better prepared  just for having done it once already – and I’ll find a different training plan since I felt that last year’s plan mostly trained me to run slow – and I sure did. Left to my own devices I would probably just keep lengthening my long run every weekend until I am running 22, 23 miles as fast as I comfortably can  – that is how I began last year’s training and got up to 17 miles at an 8:30-9:00 clip before I started with the NYRR 16 week plan. But something tells me that’s probably not a great approach so I’ll investigate other plans.

Anyone have a marathon training plan they really liked? 625341_243169403_xlarge

This was me really bringin’ it towards the end of last year’s TCS NYC Marathon.


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  1. I’m super behind on reading all of my blogs so apologies for a comment 2 weeks post publication. Congrats on getting into the NYC marathon! I finished last year’s with a 4:48:49, but I was happy with that time. My goal was to finish it within 5 hours and not die. 🙂 Good luck training for this year’s race!


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