Come Hell or High Water

So that’s it. One week until the TCSNYC Marathon, one final “long run” of a mere 7 miles. A “pseudo long run” is what the NYRR Virtual Training App calls it. Rocked it in 1 hour 3 minutes – nice and cool out. Practiced my fueling, tried to keep from running too fast. Even remembered to clip my toenails so that my shoe wouldn’t fill up with blood along the way. I’m running this race come hell or high water, and even if I can’t finish, today’s run reassures me that at the very least I can run 7 miles with some spring in my step, which is one of my main goals for the day.

When I first started running in races my brother in law kept asking me when I was going to try a marathon. My answer was always “never” since the 10ks seemed hard enough. But before you knew it I was running half marathons and a little voice in my head kept saying “how cool would it be to run in the NYC Marathon?” I entered the lottery this year figuring I wouldn’t get picked but if I did I would put in the time to train and do it. My brother in law says he knew all along that I was going to do it, but I didn’t believe it until I was selected.

My brother in law plays in a band named Hell or High Water, and they play for us marathoners at mile 7 –  4th Ave and Union Street in Brooklyn, in front of the bagel shop, right across the street from the gas station in the photo below (which I believe is now Speedway not Hess). He says he likes this spot on the course because the runners are still happy and smiling, so that is what I am planning to be. The rest of the race? We’ll see.

If  you are running and you remember, around mile 7 yell out “Charlie” as you pass by the band with more than a touch of grey playing some Grateful Dead and other groups of that era.


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