Post Race Depression Already?

My Runner’s World daily email yesterday warned me that life might not be all rainbows and unicorns after my big race. In fact, I might have the “Post-Marathon Blues”.  Oh great, just what I need. Another thing to worry about training for the TCSNYC Marathon. As if weather and pace and fueling and socks and hydration and toenails and GI tract concerns and having to run 26 freakin’ miles weren’t enough. I’m depressed just thinking about it.

“What can be done” I wondered as I searched the web for prophylactic or curative measures capable of saving me from this unwelcome fate. “Set some new goals prior to the race” seemed palliative enough so I decided right then and there to register for the Magic City Half Marathon which is 2 weeks after the NYC Marathon. I ran it last year and came in 3rd in my age group, and that was when i thought a half marathon was the longest I could ever run.12278881_10207952991248734_2760108875455681924_n

But not so fast – other articles warn against jumping right back in the saddle without sufficient time to recuperate from the marathon. Some suggest taking as many as 26 days off to recover. 26 days!!!!! I’m pretty sure that if I take 26 days off I’ll never run again.

So then I’m really depressed, but I got to thinking about it. I’ve run at least 13 miles nearly every Saturday since February, and I’ve run 20 miles or close to 20 miles several times during that stretch. My rest periods have consisted of 5-6 days of running 3-6 miles each day in between. Will I really be that broken after the NYC Marathon that I won’t be able to run a half 2 weeks later? It may be hubris or just the taper talking but I feel like I should be ok. So I signed up anyway, and I’m feeling better already.

Now I just have figure out what to do about post-race depression following the Magic City Half 🙂







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  1. I did what you did and looked into other races post NYC marathon before actually realizing there was such a thing as Post-marathon blues. I guess I was subconsciously preparing for life after marathon training. Sigh. Good luck on both of your upcoming races!

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