Almost a year ago I got a Christmas gift of the Night Runner 270 shoe lights. Usually I run waaaay before the sun comes up and I’d had some scary encounters with drowsy/crappy/inattentive drivers who apparently missed all my reflective gear. Not to mention the occasional alligator, deer, fox, or coyote. One morning the guy delivering the paper swerved to avoid me then backed up to let me know how hard it was to see me. Clearly I needed a new system.

The Night Runner 270 is a pair of little headlights that clip on to your shoes and emit a really bright light  – like headlights bright – that can be seen from a pretty long distance and they light up the path in front of you so you can see where you’re going. Especially useful if there are alligators ahead. The deer just stare at you like you’re a car – I have to clap to make them scatter.

This morning I had to do my long run very early as we were leaving  Huntington Beach SC campground to go on to NYC for the weekend – so the crack before the crack of dawn was my only opportunity. Went out just after 5 and it was dark. Like I can’t see my shoes dark. And the terrain is not all that familiar. But I fired up those Night Runners and I was good to go. I literally would not have been able to do it without the Night Runners unless I chose to leave my water bottle behind in favor of a high power flashlight – which I wasn’t going to do on a 19 mile run. I am not a salesman for Night Runner or anything like that even though it might seem so. But they are perhaps my favorite running accessory.

And speaking of the 19 mile run, I was able to do it in 3 hours 9 minutes which is slower than some of my other long runs but was easy enough that I do feel like I could have done 7 more if I had to. And I will.10444562_10206747647075883_345885793551836287_n