Flat earth debate

Long run on Saturday went ok – nice slow 12 miles; 1:49. Bright and early, no fueling issues – just half a gatorade and get out and run. A few Gu. So I’m back to thinking maybe I can do this.

This week has gone really well; lots of 7+ and 8+ miles.But I feel like its been a bit of a cheat. I am in South Carolina by the shore – cool breezes and flat as a pancake. Normally I am running in Birmingham AL, and for those of you who have never been there you’ll be as surprised as I was to learn it is actually crazy hilly. Accordingly it has been difficult for me to develop a consistent pace because I am always going uphill -except when I am going downhill. So for my 9:13 goal I have to go 8:13 and then 10:13, with a few 6:13 and 12:13 mixed in.

What will this variable training mean for my marathon? Will it make it easier to develop a rhythm and pace myself evenly on the relatively flat NYC terrain or will it just cause me to run too fast and use up all my fuel before I get to Ed Koch’s bridge?

I am slated to run 19 altitude-free miles tomorrow. Very curious to see which side of the flat earth debate I land on.