Pace or Place?

I ran “The South’s Toughest 15k” for the 3rd time this morning – the Ellis Porch Statue to Statue race in Birmingham Alabama. I gotta figure it’s not all that tough to be the South’s toughest 15k. It’s a pretty uncommon distance. To wit, I did a quick search on to find “races near … More Pace or Place?

Miami Vise

When you live somewhere for 15 years it’s bound to get a grip on you in a lot of different ways. Ties to friends, neighbors, institutions and organizations gained over the years stay with you even after you’ve gone. This past weekend I returned to South Florida to attend the wedding of our friends’ daughter … More Miami Vise

Not So Fast

“Not so fast” is one of those old expressions that I love – ones that used to be in pretty wide circulation but seem to have fallen out of favor. According to Merriam Webster, this idiom is in the bottom 10% of words and is used in speech to say that one disagrees with what … More Not So Fast

Happy Birthday

Last Sunday was my birthday. A big one – one that makes people say “age is only a number” to you. But I’m not worried about getting older. In fact as I see it I actually turned 5 years younger, and I’m pretty excited about that. Last week I was the old guy in my … More Happy Birthday

Movin’ On Up

So that was it, the Magic City half marathon; my last half marathon in the “old man” age group. Next time I race I will be in the “old as hell man” group. And you know what? I am looking forward to it. Yes our culture is youth obsessed and many people dread the thought … More Movin’ On Up

Nice n’ Easy

That’s the title song of a 1960 Frank Sinatra album. I used to sing the chorus, “nice and easy does it every time”, to myself while playing golf because slow, smooth and steady swings produce the best shots. I tend to do the opposite in running, rushing forward until I can’t. That approach has generally … More Nice n’ Easy


Ok 24 hours till the starting gun. I’m sitting around drinking Gatorade and water, figured I’d post an entry and a solicitation of advice. The forecast is a little warmer and a little wetter than I was hoping for, but I reckon you gotta play the cards you’re dealt. It’s not like I haven’t run … More TCS NYC MARATHON